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Acne Tips for the Fall

Pumpkins. Candles. Fuzzy Socks. Coffee. All of my favorite fall things.

Fall breakouts? Not so much.

Just like the seasons, your skin changes too. You might notice more oiliness because our hormones can fluctuate in the fall. Or you may experience dry spots, overall dullness, and more acne. Fall is the time to focus on repairing, restoring, and revitalizing your skin. Around fall every year, I find myself reminding my clients that breakouts typically get worse this time of year because of 2 main contributing factors:

  1. Our hormones spike in the fall. A spike in hormones leads to our skin producing more oil.

  2. The colder weather. As the temperature drops, the humidity in the air decreases, which causes our skin to dry out and dehydrate. Your skin will then produce more oil trapped under the dead skin cells caused by dehydration. These cells mix with the oil and create the perfect cocktail for breakouts.

So I put together theses _ tips to help you keep your skin clear and prepare for winter, all while staying healthy and glowing:

Focus On Hydration

I know I'm a broken record, but it's true! Keeping your skin hydrated is key for helping breakouts heal faster and survive the colder months. I recommend using Hydrabalace, a water-based gel product, in your daily routine before you apply moisturizer. It's extremely hydrating and helps prevent dryness and dehydration. Still not enough? Add a light layer of Vaseline or Aquaphor over your skin. Drinking plenty of water can also give your skin the added moisture it needs.

Don’t Put Away the Sunscreen

I know the sun typically likes to hide during the fall and winter, but we still need to protect our skin from UV rays. Acne treatments and products make your skin photosensitive and very sun sensitive. Remember to apply your SPF every morning. Even if you're staying in the house all day, think of your SPF as a barrier protecting from the environmental elements we face daily.

Be Consistent with Your Routine and Treatments

Life happens, especially this time of year with school, work, holidays, parties, all the things. It's easy to get off track with your skincare routine with balancing life, work, and getting ready for the holidays. Remember to schedule time for yourself during the busy season. Keeping your acne under control requires you to be consistent with your treatments and home care. Make applying your products twice a day a priority.


A humidifier is a must in your beauty routine. Living through the midwest weather changes means our skin goes through some pretty drastic changes too. Dry skin comes from a lack of moisture, so adding a humidifier is the best way to prevent water loss from our skin and environment. I recommend keeping a humidifier in your bedroom, office, desk, and classroom.

Wash Your Face with Lukewarm Water

When your skin is feeling dry, it might seem like washing your face with hot water will help, but this is a big skin sin. Using hot water to wash your face causes it to become drier. Try to lower the temp of your water, especially if you wash your face in the shower.

Protect Your Lips

Your lips are delicate and the elements can be harsh on them too. When your lips feel dry, you may be tempted to lick them, but this will only make them drier. So it's important to keep them protected and hydrated, this includes drinking plenty of water, avoiding licking your lips, and wearing lip balm. My go-to lip balm all year long is Avocado Oil Lip Hydrator. This lip balm leaves your lips deeply hydrated and makes your lips appear plump. Or if you need something that you can leave in your purse, car, or desk you can use Vaseline Lip Therapy or Aquaphor Lip Repair

If you're still struggling with acne then the Clear Skin Journey Membership might be the solution you need. You can have clear skin in 3-6 months which includes 1:1 skin coaching, a custom acne-safe routine, and bi-weekly treatments. Are you ready for clear skin? Schedule your Clear Skin Journey call so we can get you started on your journey to clear skin.


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