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5 Ways to Prevent Summertime Breakouts

Summer, is that you? Summertime is so much fun with cookouts, outdoor activities, and s'mores. Don't forget s'mores. With all of the fun in the sun, it's important to remember to protect our skin during this time. Summer can also be notorious for some extra pesky breakouts, but this summer, I'm sharing all of my helpful tips to enjoy this weather, and your skin can too.

Before we dive into your summer skin survival guide, I have one myth to bust: sun exposure will help clear up your complexion. Many of my clients believe that their acne improves when they have a suntan. But I always tell them that a suntan will not help your acne in the long run. While a tan may temporarily camouflage discoloration from old acne scars and dry up excess oil on the skin, these effects are only temporary. The risk of direct sun exposure outweighs the benefits of a temporary suntan. Let's jump into our first summer tip with all of that being said.

Here are my 5 tips for preventing summertime breakouts:

  1. Sunscreen, sunscreen, and oh yeah, sunscreen! When it comes to fun in the sun, we need to start with one of the most important keys to keeping your skin healthy and safe this summer, and that's our trusty SPF. When it comes to SPF board spectrum is best because it protects you from burning and aging rays. You should be apply SPF EVERYWHERE, especially on your chest, neck, and back of the neck, nose, ears, lips, hands, and tops of your feet. My fav SPF for your face is Face Reality's Ultimate Sun Protection, and for your body, I'm a huge fan of Sun Bum.

  2. Hydration. Keep your skin and body hydrated with moisturizers, mist, and lots of water. The sun and the heat can dry out your skin, so don't skip the moisturizing step in your routine. If you feel like your skin needs a boost in hydration, try adding Moisture Balance Toner to a spray bottle to keep your skin feeling cool and refreshed. Don't forget to drink lots of water. Drink up! The sun and heat can be really dehydrating.

  3. Exfoliate. I recommend using exfoliating toners, serums, and maintenance treatments. Using active ingredients helps your skin cells turn over quicker, sloughing off dead, dull skin cells and replacing them with new, refreshed skin. I love using Mandelic Acid. It's perfect for summer. It will reduce breakouts, but it will also keep your skin glowing.

  4. Protect your skin while swimming. Pools are cleaned with disinfectants made up of chlorine and iodides, which are irritants for acne-prone skin. (The same is true for saltwater pools) This doesn't mean you should avoid swimming pools. I know this might sound a little weird but apply a very thin layer of Vaseline to your face (and body if you have body acne) before taking a dip.

  5. Switch up your routine. Now is the time to add in a lightweight cleanser and a lighter moisturizer. We produce more oil in the summer, so we don't want to be adding in heavier creams that tend to leave our skin feeling extra oily. I absolutely love Clearderma by Face Reality as a moisturizer in the summer.

I wanted to leave you with just a couple of bouns tips for your skin this summer, and one is to wear a hat. Wearing SPF and reapplying will help protect your skin, but adding an extra layer of protection never hurts. Lastly, remember that what we put into our bodies affects our skin too, so try to stick to an acne-friendly lifestyle.

I hope you're feeling ready for summer with this survival guide!

Wishing you peace, love, and clear skin this summer!

Autumn the Acne Coach


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