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Traveling with Acne

Are you daydreaming about your next vacay? The yummy food, the beautiful sights, and some time to unplug. Unfortunately, your skin might have other travel plans. I think it's time we talk about packing and traveling when you have acne. It's no secret that traveling might cause you a breakout or two. I've learned a few tips and tricks on my many adventures to help prevent breakouts, so whether you're catching a flight, hiking, camping, or even road tripping, I got your skin covered so that you can truly enjoy your time away. I'm so excited to share them with you! So come pack your bags with me, clear skin edition.


Clear Skin Club Face Towels.

Let me tell you. These face towels are a travel skin must-have. They are extremely gentle on your skin, and you don't have to worry about packing your bulky washcloths from home. These face towels help solve the mystery of what type of detergent or fabric softener they use at hotels or other lodgings that could be pore-clogging. They are lightweight, easy to pack, and biodegradable, perfect for camping. Get them here.

Satin Pillowcases

While we're on laundry detergent, it's best to pack your own pillowcases while you travel. I love these satin pillowcases by Kitsch. They are easy to pack because they hardly take up any space. Be sure to pack several that way you can change your pillowcase regularly.

Face Reality Travel Bottles

These travel bottles are a travel game changer. How many times have you tightly packed and sealed your cleanser and toner only to find they somehow managed to leak when you arrived and unpacked? I know how frustrating that can be, especially after a long flight. Well, I got you covered with these Face Reality travel bottles perfectly designed to hold just the right amount of cleanser and toner. Best of all, they are TSA-approved.

Toiletry Bag

You can't forget your toiletry bag to hold all of your skincare goodies. I love this bag here. While packing, I find it easier to keep all of my beauty products in one place, and you're less likely to leave a product behind. It's large enough to hold your skincare routine, makeup, and other cosmetics. It makes packing and traveling a breeze.



Airplanes have very low humidity and can be really drying to your skin. When your skin is dry, your skin starts to produce more oil, leading to excess oil and clogged pores. You may notice that if you're prone to dry skin, your skin might feel extra tight and dry, and if your skin is oily, your skin might feel more oily than usual after your flight. You can expect your skin to balance out a day or two after your flight, but it doesn't hurt to be proactive. I recommend the night before your flight to do a hydrating mask. I love the Hydracalm mask by Face Reality. It's an intensely hydrating mask infused with soothing ingredients to restore moisture and calm your skin. This mask is also great to apply once you get settled in after your flight.

Camping and Hiking

While you're in the great outdoors, you'll face heat, humidity, elevation, dirt, sweat, and more sun exposure. Acne-prone skin is more delicate, so it's important that you take extra special care of your skin while you explore, starting with sunscreen. I know that it will be hard to remember, but It's mandatory to remember to reapply your sunscreen every 90 minutes. On days that will be really hot and humid, I recommend not using your Mandelic or Glycolic acid serums. Remember to wash your Face 2x a day to help keep your skin protected and clean.

Protip: I recommend setting a timer on your phone or watch for every 90 minutes to help you remember to reapply your SPF.


While on the topic of sunscreen, if you're taking a road trip, it is also crucial to remember your sunscreen and reapply. Although you may not spend much time outdoors, you are still exposed to UVA and UVB rays. Because you'll be exposed to more sun, I recommend leaving your Vitamin A and Retinol serums behind. They make your skin more sun sensitive and can cause irritation; we don't need that. I also recommend wearing a hat and sunglasses for some added protection. Lastly, pack some healthy snacks for your trip.

Quick Travel Tips

  • Stick to your morning and night skincare routine.

I know long hours on the road can make it hard to be consistent with your routine, but

trust me. This will help keep unwanted breakouts at bay.

  • Keep yourself hydrated.

Drinking a lot of water is one of the best ways to keep your skin hydrated inside and out.

  • Get plenty of beauty sleep.

Travel can disrupt our normal sleep cycle, so try and squeeze in your rest whenever you


  • Be mindful of acne-triggering foods and drinks.

Being mindful doesn't mean you can't enjoy a treat or two but try not to overindulge.

  • Try not to touch or pick your beautiful Face.

For some, traveling can be a bit stressful, and picking our skin might be our go-to.

Try your best to avoid touching your face, especially on public transportation.

The most important part is that you enjoy your vacay. I hope this clear skin travel guide helps relieve any stress you might have around traveling with acne. You may even want to add this Hydracalm mask to your routine to help soothe your skin from travel stressors. If you have questions about these tips, you can ask them here, or if you're ready to work with me 1:1, you can schedule your clear skin journey call here.

Bon voyage & clear skin!

Autumn the Acne Coach

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